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Woah. Shit. We made it!

Well, we made it onto the App Store at least.

Time to celebrate! Or rather, time to celebrate?

I keep telling myself no. That the hard work begins now.

(In fact, that’s what everyone else is saying too).

But actually, this is an achievement.

Especially given what a ‘journey’ we’ve been on.

A demonstration of will power. Of unrelenting belief.

A seemingly endless battle to make our vision a reality.

Sounds a bit melodramatic, but it’s the truth.

We’ve made lots of mistakes.

And as a result, have had lots of opportunities to quit.

That’s what you get for having two non-technical co-founders I suppose.

A technical knowledge gap.

It means you rely a lot on luck.

You shouldn’t. But you do.

Finding the right development team is tough. It took us 4 goes to get it right.

Our first guy had a breakdown (or so he said).

So did the second.

The third guys, an agency, outsourced the development, which didn’t go so well either.

We spent 18 months going through this process.

And because developers hate inherited code, it meant starting our app from scratch.

4 times.

I know what you’re thinking. Fools.

But it’s an easier mistake to make than you might think.

Here’s how it happens:

At the start of the process, you only envisage having to use one, excellent development team.

So when that falls apart (along with your launch plans), you panic.

And the due diligence that you think you’ll do on the second set of developers you’ve found, doesn’t happen.

Because now you’re in a rush.

And because you want to be first to market.

And surely you can’t get unlucky again!

Well you can. And you will.

Again, and again, and again.

Until you do your due diligence properly.

But how do you do this without first understanding that a ‘Sprint’ isn’t just a short distance race?

Well, here’s my advice.

Get an inside man (or woman).

And if you can’t get hold of Denzel, find someone that can help you pick the right team.

Someone, anyone, who knows what they’re talking about when it comes to regression testing, UDIDs and SDKs.

Someone who can help you separate the wheat from the… well, the cowboys who will promise you the world, but leave you frustrated and skint.

Trust me, there are plenty about.

And if you don’t think you know an ‘inside (wo)man’, who is willing to do you a favour, then pay for one.

The dollar you spend at this stage will be nothing in comparison to the sweat equity, and money you’ll lose making the wrong decision.

The mistakes we’ve made have certainly been frustrating, but we’re not beating ourselves up about it.

Each mistake has been an opportunity to quit.

And we haven’t.

Which just goes to show the belief we have in our app, and our vision.

So here we are.

The hard work begins now.

But we’re celebrating 😀

Download DRNK? app from the App Store now and see who’s out tonight!

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